It was still fresh in my mind. The RADIO THAT CHANGED LIVES. And also, the documentaries on Street Culture that I have watched with my Bangalore folks. It is not from where you start, it is about how you keep at it, your passion you know! How you try to establish your identity. Now that this is one of the major issues I see prevailing in our society. Identity Crisis. A world that is moving so fast, a platform is definitely required such that like minded people can come together and exchange their views and ideas. The documentary sessions that we have in Bangalore is one such platform. Think how exciting Sole DXB was, with thousands of people with similar interests and zeal.  The liberating feeling of meeting the icons I have only seen inside my laptop or the television, for example, the duo of hiphop radio who changed the lives and launched the careers of many unsigned artists, only to become hiphop legends in the days to come!


For the DAY 1 fit, I tried to look my feminine best by wearing these UNICORN- themed sneakers by SOPHIA WEBSTER in collaboration with PUMA. Usually, I like things a little MANLY. It sounds funny and even though I hate to admit it, I cannot help it. Sophia’s designs are always very girlish and full of butterflies and flowers. Since the time these kicks were launched, I so badly wanted them. So, I knew I had to pick them up for one of my fits for SOLE. What better than these tracksuit pieces by RIHANNA? Not losing your originality and yet pulling off a feminine side of yours, if you get what I mean!


For the Day 2 fit, since I chose to wear this off- shoulder crop jersey from the FENTY PUMA by RIHANNA collection, I wanted to make it look more feminine(AGAIN) by pairing it with a leather skirt. You know those skirts which makes your legs look longer! But I couldn’t really make my mind and I decided to stick to these CAMO cargoes. Another reason why I love wearing trousers more than a dress or a skirt is because, I as a person,  move and run around a lot. So, you see!


Anyone can cook a nice chicken meal. The perfect timing and apt ounces of the right ingredients, that’s all is required to make it  better. In fact, better than the so- called- restaurant food, if you crave for some home cooked food like me! The same way, what’s the best version you? Isn’t it you yourself? Not overdoing and using the good colorways of clothes to pull off an outfit. Wearing the clothes that you feel most comfortable in, with an attitude which you know defines you, doesn’t it always work? It does for me, yeah. So, as this post is about the much hyped SOLE DXB, something that I have been wanting to document since the time I am back from Dubai, again, it ain’t any different from my regular outfits. Rather it’s just my same- friggin’ personal style.

I think, the DAY 3 fit is my personal favourite. I mean, the comfort of being in a pair of track pants teamed with a t- shirt of a brand that you always wanted to slip into! The entire feeling of possessing my first SUPREME T- shirt was mind blowing on its own- yeah, it is the CONSUMER in me who’s talking. But I guess, everyone has such MATERIAListic desires, maybe,  yours is a LOUIS VUITTON bag? Not to forget my love for CAMO. I think one can never have enough of CAMO printed outfits.




PHOTOGRAPHY | Thanks to PUMA INDIA team for not only the awesome retreat at Dubai but also thanks for the kickass photographs.

CONCEPT | Outfits for Sole DXB

LOCATION | Dubai Design District.

If you ask me to name one female artist that I die for, it has to be Amy Winehouse. What a badass person she was! And what a voice. By the way, these days I am practising VALERIE. Apart from all that, I have always loved her style, it’s a different story that I never tried to incorporate it to my style. I usually have an eye for people who maintain a signature style in things they do or the way they dress up.

This is the second WIW that I have documented, the first one was WHAT I WORE TO Amazon India Fashion Week 2017.

I can’t wait to start documenting the entire RETREAT with Puma at SOLEDXB. I will be leaving for my Christmas and New Year holidays the coming weekend and I will make sure to document it before I leave.

Have a great one!

~ Stylishly Yours,


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  1. Absolutely loved your SolexDB outfits. I’m a mix of both, I can be over the top girly on one day and bam the next day I’m in joggers and sneakers. Totally get what you mesh!

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