She kept telling me again and again. My dearest friend Krati. “The ‘Rajasthani Dance’ that takes place every day in the late evenings in Udaipur, is not to be missed”. I think it is since my first job days( 2012) that I have been wanting to visit Udaipur. We used to have office transport and one of my colleagues with whom I used to take the transport hailed from Udaipur. He would always talk about the place and show me pictures of the place, food and his beautiful sisters wearing bright lehengas for family gatherings. I would fall in love with the place more and more. I have this affinity towards colors. I love colors. Although I don’t wear them much. And the culture always appealed to me as it seemed way different from mine.  Udaipur had been on my bucket list for a long time and since I was anyway traveling to Delhi, I thought of doing a short stopover at the beautiful city of Udaipur.




The most important thing about this post, for me, is that I could make it to Udaipur. The previous night was a long night as I was in Pune for Sneaker Pimps World Tour: India. I had mostly passed out after reaching my room at around 3 am in the night and my flight was at 5:30 am in the morning. I forgot to set an alarm. Due to some reason( thankfully), I somehow woke up when there was an hour left for my flight. The flight was to Delhi and I had a connecting flight from Delhi to Udaipur. Pune’s airport, being a small domestic one, the only flight available next to Delhi was at 6 pm in the evening which would also mean that I won’t be able to catch my connecting flight from Delhi and the next day I had my return flight. This meant the entire Udaipur trip won’t just take place! So, I rushed out to the airport in my jammies. No brushing my teeth, combing hair or changing clothes. Woke up the cabbie and poor guy drove as if there’s a knife held to his neck. Well! I made it to Delhi.









Although I did my part of the research before landing in the ‘City Of Lakes’,  I didn’t have much time in hand and the weather too wasn’t very pleasant to be out in the sun. I was lodging at a hotel near the popular Jagdish Temple. The beautiful Lake Pichola could be seen from the terrace which also had a pool. It looks like if you want a room facing the waterbody, you should be willing to spend a bomb. Lake Pichola looked really beautiful during my favorite part of the day- Sunset( I hope you have read about my love for Sunsets). Even though the place was crowded, the only thing I could sense was peace. On one side of the lake there was this ringing of the bells from the nearby temple and on the other side, there were these flocks of pigeons flying across the Lake!

Next day, I paid a visit to the grand Udaipur City Palace. The palace is humongous and if you want to take a complete tour of the palace, it would probably take 2-3 hours. I was very keen on wearing bangles since I was already wearing a pair of earrings and a bindi. These things- bangles, earrings, etc., since I don’t do much seem to make me very excited. If I talk about things that excite me, dressing up is something that really does. Then there are silly things like spotting butterflies, walking on the sand, getting drenched in the rain, star gazing etc., excite me a lot. I come from the North- Eastern part of India where the staple cereal is Rice. Back in the day when I had to eat rice every day, I so wished to switch to only burgers as meals. Look at me now, even when I am dead tired after a hard day’s work, I don’t mind cooking myself a simple rice meal instead of ordering Burgers. The things which didn’t really matter at some point in life suddenly become important when you realize their value. Or maybe ’cause these things are not easily available.

God! That was long and came out of nowhere. Anyway, I was talking about my wish to wear some pretty bangles but could not find a decent shopkeeper and they would mostly take me as a foreigner/ tourist and would try to cheat. The City Palace tour was fascinating and was full of various colors! The architecture was grand and things that were kept on display were all LUXE! There were a couple of black and white pictures of all the past Maharanis of Udaipur. I also visited the Vintage Car Museum but I didn’t really like it much. You could only see the vintage cars from a distance. The sad part is, there was no Rajasthani Food for me during this trip. It was pretty hot and sitting at Jheel Café, sipping lemonade, looking at the fishes swimming in Lake Pichola seemed as the best option in hand.





I couldn’t go for the ‘Rajasthani Dance’ suggested by Krati. Nor could I have a  plate of authentic Daal Baati. I wanted a picture of a Rajasthani woman clad in Ghoonghat. Couldn’t get one. Whether I could do things as planned or I could not, it doesn’t really count. All that matters is that I was happy then. That very moment while I was taking the tour in the grand City Palace and the moment I was walking down the streets of Udaipur, I was very happy. One more goal off my bucket list, now that, is motivation to me!

~ Stylishly Yours,


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