WHAT I WORE TO : AIFW Autumn Winter 2018

I was so excited about it. My very first ‘Amazon India Fashion Week’. I planned all my outfits almost 2 months in advance. I even ordered a couple of accessories from Arunachal Pradesh. The whole idea of being in the Fashion Game makes me wonder why are we even having second thoughts about being a part of an event as big as this. I believe, for somebody like me, who is even remotely associated to the Fashion Game, it’s the only platform in India, where you get to see the upcoming trends, the trends of the next season. Also, it’s the place where you get to meet so many of your favorite designers who inspire you and whose work you really like. Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer ’18, that’s what I am talking about.








When I attended Fashion Week last season I got to know all the hype that revolves around it. Although, yes, it was a fun event as I got to meet a lot of people that I like, I mean, digital friends, but if you ask me, the honest answer would be I wasn’t impressed much. The whole ball game is about how to be ‘UNIQUE’. Well! Everybody tries to do their best in dressing up as crazy as they can. What I have understood is that it’s ’cause we as human beings, are hungry for attention and appreciation. We all love to be in the spotlight and be noticed. Now, dressing up in a crazy way has two sides, I believe. One: it brings out the creative side of a person. And two: at times, the creativity isn’t practical enough. My perspective about dressing up is all about being practical. Although I try to pull off a stunt and two, I try to adhere to the practicality of an outfit and the ways it can benefit the common girl!

Not going too deep into the Fashion Scene that I encountered this season- Autumn Winter 2018, it’s quite obvious that India as a country is trying too hard to adapt to the growing Streetwear Culture. What is good is, India, being a developing country, has a good market for the streetwear culture and it’s good to see that people are gradually understanding the whole vibe. The bad part is that I feel the designers/ labels who are trying to get the streetwear vibe in India, are trying too hard on their part without actually having a proper knowledge about it. Well, streetwear isn’t just about MULTIPLE POCKETS and LOTS OF STRAPS on the clothes. The silhouettes, the fabric, in fact, the entire history behind it needs to be understood first. Since, it’s the designers who play a major role in teaching the people about the trends, fashion and further on this line, it is their responsibility to teach us the right thing.

Coming to the fits that I carried to Fashion Week, I wore very simple outfits. Again, coming from the minimalist background, I pulled off outfits which didn’t really attract much of the buzzing bees but I was happy as I did what I always do- laidback dressing. Also, the outfit that I pulled off on DAY 4, which was majorly Uday’s idea (blogger at STRANGERINSUEDE ), is one of my favorite fits to date. I love the whole shorts and the long jacket game here. The DAY 3 outfit was pretty simple as well with long sleeves and cropped work pants. It was a basic Japanese inspired fit and the shoelace used as a belt to add a skater-boy vibe.


DAY 3 FIT: Work Pants and White Full Sleeve T shirt from STUSSY, White Socks from OBEY, White OLD SKOOL VANS , WAIST PACK from NORTHFACE

DAY 4 FIT: Takaro Shorts from GARUDA( Full Review coming next on the blog), White T shirt and Black Jacket from ASOS, Breaker Knit Carnivals from PUMA




This time, I was there for only two days at the Amazon India Fashion Week as my entire Delhi Iterinery was split into A Trip to UdaipurA Trip to The TAJ, Shoots and Sneaker Pimps Delhi. As I mentioned about not getting shot by photographers last season, well, this season was way terrible for me. I didn’t qualify to gain their attention which I totally understand ‘WHY’ ! It’s kind of sad to see the Indian Fashion Scene where people(except a FEW) are doing things for Fashion Week which is pretty unusual for them to do or BE on a usual day. And coming to the trend spotting point of view at the runways, well, I will stick to following trends on HighSnob instead, that’s me. But, hello dear friends, I loved meeting you and I had a wonderful time at the Fashion Week ’cause of you. Love you all.

Bye for now!

~ Stylishly Yours,



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