TRACKPANTS Streetstyle Whenever a new trend hits the streets, I get very skeptical. I had the same feelings when I saw TRACKPANTS trending for something other than running. And after seeing them enough, I could not help create a look myself. Below (and above) is how I would wear my trackpants outside the gym:




TRACKPANTS Streetstyle

We know for sure that the trends are getting more comfier than ever. Having said that, one thing is for sure that the ATHLEISURE obsession is going bigger and stronger. We are thankful to the top designers for collaborating with sportswear brands such as NIKE. Also, having the fashion runways host many such coveted styles and the street style icons rocking the athleisure trend this year, the ‘trackpants ‘ style isn’t going anywhere.

Icons like Chriselle Lim and Chiara Ferragni and Super Models like Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid were also seen sporting the trackpant trend. We spotted the stars rock the classic Adidas Rip Away pants, in addition to the sheer volume of hoodies. A variety of colours, side and front striped and slits, trackpants are everywhere.

I have styled my trackpants inspired from the latest collections of one of my favourite brands ‘HOUSE OF DAGMAR’ . Flowy bottoms and knotted long shirts/ trench coats; I chose to go with a little loose pair of trackpants and again,  a loose (I am a fan of breathable clothing hence choose to go with loose and comfortable clothes more than body hugging ones) collared shift dress- the collars making it look like a long shirt. Brought each side of the dress on the front and used a belt to make it look like a knot.



TRACKPANTS Streetstyle



Another important thing is the color combination. You can buy the costliest and coolest of things but if the color isn’t chosen appropriately, the deal is not sold! Monochrome has always been my favourite and for this outfit I am wearing black and two shades of orange. The belt is a black and white one to create a little distraction.

TRACKPANTS Streetstyle

I love this sporty staple while squatting as much as I love wearing it outside the gym. I would be wearing these trackpants a lot this summer in a variety of styles.



  1. An embroidered and stripes top, maybe an off shoulder one with some silver jewellery for the Bohemian look.
  2.  A black lace top and a black moto jacket for the Biker chic look.
  3. An oversized hoodie for a casual look.

Off late, I have also started to focus on transitional pieces and this is one of the key pieces which can be well transitioned from Spring/Summer to a Winter outfit.




I hope you liked the styling. Keep the experimenting game on and bring in more trendiest of things in your closet. But do not forget to add your unique touch to it. Always!

~Stylishly Yours,


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