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After the harsh winter and the almost- nil spring, here in bangalore, layering in summer is the last thing you’d like to talk about. In fact, many of you might even nod your head in disbelief when I say layering can be done in summer too(Yes, kill me in this heat!).

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A woman has many faces and many roles to play. Through this photo- series, I wanted to portray how QUIRKBOX has got it covered for the various roles of a woman. And it being a Spring- Summer collection, there goes flowers and coloured eye make up for the styling.

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TVRadio X Bewakoof

People! So how has the week treated you so far? I watched a Bollywood movie called TRAPPED last night and boy, it was nice. It is starting to get too hot in Bangalore, don’t you feel? Today’s blog is about a few key essentials for summer and how to nail them. We have to admit that we are all big time suckers for some timeless summer pieces like that of a shirt dress or a crop shirt. They basically never go out of trend and you can style them in multiple permutations! The best part is that they can be worn in different weathers with a  few layerings done.

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Nightsuit as jumpsuit, nightsuit as playsuit
| Nightsuit- Nordlich, Belt- Choker, Heels- Ni Hao |

Have you ever had those mornings when you are lying on the bed in your nightsuit or pyjamas and you keep planning about the OOTD, for like 10 minutes? The outfit looks great in your head while you plan it, but upon putting it together, it doesn’t seem too appealing. But what happens when you are already running late? The next time it happens to you, I have got a fool proof plan that would steal the deal.

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I don’t wear too much of heels and stilettoes. I don’t think I have more than 3-4 pairs in my closet. Believe me, I am a sneakers girl. Whether it be having to head out for work, going for shopping(anyway nowadys I do more of Online Shopping, provided its pros!), Lunch/ Dinner get-together, Rock shows, jam sessions, etc and etc and etc, it’s always sneakers for me that works. I like to stay comfortable and not very picture- ready all the time.

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