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After the harsh winter and the almost- nil spring, here in bangalore, layering in summer is the last thing you’d like to talk about. In fact, many of you might even nod your head in disbelief when I say layering can be done in summer too(Yes, kill me in this heat!).

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Hi Ladies!
It’s been quite sometime since I started my blog and I cannot thank you enough for all the support and motivation that you have shown me! This one is dedicated to all you beautiful and strong ‘POWER PUFF’ and ‘POWER PACKED’ girls out there!
A girl or a woman is the one who is forever ready to put everything at stake for her family and friends. Somehow she is made to choose a different path for herself, which she might adapt herself to or might even try to carve the niche for herself she had been looking for! My personal experience says, there are a lot of woman, who are doing what they are told to and are just trying to keep upto the race, but not all are doing what they are meant to!

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