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Hi guys,
I hope you have had a look at my earlier post featuring 6 different bloggers. Also, hope that it helped you to curate one of the looks from the bloggers- ‘Be Your Own Goddess‘. Okay, now coming to this one, so, tell me what time of the year is this? Isn’t it the time of lights and crackers- YES, Diwali time it is! I really miss home and my family during such celebrations and time of festivity. Since 3 years I could not go home during Diwali or Durga Puja(Dussehra) due to some or the other reason. As I write this blogpost, tears tend to roll down my eyes. I feel, the time when I was there with my family all these years, I didn’t value those moments much or maybe I didn’t respect such festivals much. I hardly used to go out and I was a very introvert person. Things haven’t changed much though, I still don’t go out much or celebrate all the festivals with zeal and high spirits. But I really crave to be with my family at the time of festivities. The look at my mom’s new Mekhela Chadar(Assamese traditional wear), my dad’s lame jokes(which he cracks almost all the time) and my brother’s firecrackers!

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| How To: Dussehra Dressing | Click on the Image for the Full Blog
* How To: dussehra Dressing *

The sound of the Loud chants for the deity, the hustle of the crowd, the hot and delicious Jalebis, the never ending queues at the pandalls, people donning their new attires…Durga Puja! You’ re being missed! Being brought up in Assam, this is a festival which is very close to my heart. Back there, the Pandalls compete amongst each other and make the deity look more beautiful and powerful. You can’t beat the old crowd in the fashion trends and nice attires, what to talk of the college goers! The food stalls, the stalls for varieties of toys and all blah blah blah, all these is a scene to experience once in a while!


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