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When in Thailand

Damnoen Saduak (OLDEST) Floating Market

Well, it is a too- cliché tourist destination and I know I always make it a point to NOT BE CLICHÉ. To be honest, I feel like laughing my guts out while I write this sentence. Also, most of the people would totally dismiss it as the ideal tourist destination during winters, I mean, you would want to backpack to some place cold and hold the snow in your hands and make a snowman maybe! In fact, my trip was planned just a few days- probably 20- 25 days ahead of it. I backpacked to Thailand with two pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of clothes (for a span of 10 days) and covered the cities- Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya. But I am glad I went ahead with the trip despite being rather fickle- minded about a NOT- TOO- WELL- PLANNED international trip. Although the pictures that I have taken through my phone are nothing compared to the beauty that I have encountered, I hope you would find this post useful for your travel to Thailand.

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As I sit down to write a few lines for this project, I realize how blank my mind is. I have been missing the sunset for two days continuously, something that I always look up to in a day. Something which always lifts up my spoilt mood. Also, it’s been ages that I blogged anything. But upon seeing the pictures, it also reminds me of what a pleasant trip it was. If I have to describe my first impressions about Bangkok, I have to start with the colorful taxies. Then those streetfood joints at every nook and corner. The magnificent golden gompas and the clean wide streets!

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