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Another Sneaker Review and it’s a pair of Nike Air Max again. These are the Nike Air Max 90’s: a staple silhouette for Nike. Nike used a visible air unit on the Air Max 1’s for the first time. Just after 3 years of launching the Air Max 1’s in 1987, the Airmax III’s were launched, named as they were the third shoe in the Air Max Line. These were known as Air Max III’s until 2000 from which date they started to be known as Air Max 90’s. Both these silhouettes were designed by the genius architect Tinker Hatfield. The whole idea of using the air cushioning unit revolutionized fashion and technology. And yeah, it could be seen too! Today I am going to talk
about the Air Max 90 LX shoes in Particle Rose, that have been launched in March 2018.


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What is the key to any clothing? The silhouette? The appearance? Or is it the comfort factor associated with it? When we talk about fashion, it always moves forward and now we are in an era of forward-thinking clothes. Clothes that not only serve at being ‘LOOKING GOOD’ but also such that it is functional enough to be worn irrespective of the weather. Techwear is clothing for everyday life with special fabric, construction, and properties that allow for breathability, movement, water-resistance, and comfort. These are my second pair of Techwear pants from INDIA’s very first TECHWEAR BRAND: GARUDA( First were the pair of GARUDA C8/M1 UDAAN PANTS which I wore at SNEAKER PIMPS World Tour 2018: PUNE ) and they not only look fly but also entails me to flex in them all weather.


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WHAT I WORE TO : AIFW Autumn Winter 2018

I was so excited about it. My very first ‘Amazon India Fashion Week’. I planned all my outfits almost 2 months in advance. I even ordered a couple of accessories from Arunachal Pradesh. The whole idea of being in the Fashion Game makes me wonder why are we even having second thoughts about being a part of an event as big as this. I believe, for somebody like me, who is even remotely associated to the Fashion Game, it’s the only platform in India, where you get to see the upcoming trends, the trends of the next season. Also, it’s the place where you get to meet so many of your favorite designers who inspire you and whose work you really like. Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer ’18, that’s what I am talking about.

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She kept telling me again and again. My dearest friend Krati. “The ‘Rajasthani Dance’ that takes place every day in the late evenings in Udaipur, is not to be missed”. I think it is since my first job days( 2012) that I have been wanting to visit Udaipur. We used to have office transport and one of my colleagues with whom I used to take the transport hailed from Udaipur. He would always talk about the place and show me pictures of the place, food and his beautiful sisters wearing bright lehengas for family gatherings. I would fall in love with the place more and more. I have this affinity towards colors. I love colors. Although I don’t wear them much. And the culture always appealed to me as it seemed way different from mine.  Udaipur had been on my bucket list for a long time and since I was anyway traveling to Delhi, I thought of doing a short stopover at the beautiful city of Udaipur.

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3. 26. 1987. Probably the date sounds familiar to a few. Probably, it is unfamiliar to many of my readers. But then you tell me one thing, if you like something don’t you like to talk about it? With me, the thing is I am quite vocal. Not with everybody, of course. But with a very few, absolutely yes. And this blog, it’s something I am comfortable expressing myself in. The most, actually. Maybe ‘cause it just listens to me without any interruptions. Sometimes you figure out that all you need are a pair of ears. Maybe ‘cause nobody has time on earth to listen to you anymore. Maybe ‘cause everybody is so busy on their respective trains of life. Anyway, let’s get to business. I am going to talk about Sneakers for my love of it. And today is 3. 26. 2018.

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Now, when you spot Yassine Saidi, the head of PUMA SELECT, THE MAN behind all those crazy collaborations, taking your pictures, you gotta be on cloud 9! This doesn’t happen always, you see. Then there were people like DJ Neil Armstrong and Peter Fahey himself, the man behind Sneaker Pimps, who complimented me. That day was definitely my lucky day.

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It was for the second time that Puma India has made me a part of a huge event associated with Sneakers and I couldn’t control my excitement( LINK FOR THE FIRST EVENT HERE and HERE). The event this time was Sneaker Pimps, the famed Sneaker Pimps World Tour which was started way back in 2003 by Peter Fahey. The event was supposed to be held at two locations in India- Pune and Delhi, and I was there; witnessing the journey that would probably shape the sneaker culture of India in the days to come.

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Dear Diary,

So you know I am a little sad since a couple of days. The reason you ask? Oh! It’s the blog. I keep thinking where am I heading towards and at times it just makes me really sad. Now it ain’t that I am not happy at all ‘cause it’s something I really love. But there are many things going on at the moment and I just feel too out of place.


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VH1 Supersonic 2018 | Pune

My fit for Sunday. Denim Skirt and ‘shrooms Shirt.

Dear Diary,

How have you been? Guess what, I am back to being consistent talking to you. This in itself feels great. Today let’s go back to the summer of 2016, the year when I started ‘The Velvet Radio’. Many people whom I meet, ask if the name is inspired by the band ‘The Velvet Revolvers’. That’s not really the reason. I started ‘The Velvet Radio’ so that I could write about Fashion and Music, primarily, the two things which I love. Now, I wanted to have a name which would justify the idea behind the blog. Hence, I chose to go with ‘Velvet’ for fashion and ‘Radio’ for music.

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When in Thailand

Damnoen Saduak (OLDEST) Floating Market

Well, it is a too- cliché tourist destination and I know I always make it a point to NOT BE CLICHÉ. To be honest, I feel like laughing my guts out while I write this sentence. Also, most of the people would totally dismiss it as the ideal tourist destination during winters, I mean, you would want to backpack to some place cold and hold the snow in your hands and make a snowman maybe! In fact, my trip was planned just a few days- probably 20- 25 days ahead of it. I backpacked to Thailand with two pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of clothes (for a span of 10 days) and covered the cities- Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya. But I am glad I went ahead with the trip despite being rather fickle- minded about a NOT- TOO- WELL- PLANNED international trip. Although the pictures that I have taken through my phone are nothing compared to the beauty that I have encountered, I hope you would find this post useful for your travel to Thailand.

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