After the harsh winter and the almost- nil spring, here in bangalore, layering in summer is the last thing you’d like to talk about. In fact, many of you might even nod your head in disbelief when I say layering can be done in summer too(Yes, kill me in this heat!).

Especially when people plan and want to wear the least of clothes this season- bikinis, hats, kimonos and ultra mini shorts being the favourites, do you really think layering is for summer? Well! I think so and today let’s find out how to do some easy summer layering.


1. Classic white shirt: A classic white shirt( or even a floral shirt this season) is a total win- win. Whether worn over a t- shirt/ top or crop top or worn underneath all these always  looks trendy.
2. Sheer/ mesh skirts: Recently, I have worn my sheer skirt over my jeans to an event. That’s another way how you can pump up your basic outfit.
3. Bralettes and Bandeaus: The bandeau and the bralette which you got for the summer can be worn as it is or over a shirt/ a bell- sleeve top for an extra oomph. Check out this post for some inspo.
4. Statement vests: I have been a fan of statement jackets since forever and they can be layered with ease with simple silhouettes.
5. Floral kimonos: Does kimono even need an introduction? That’s one piece nobody can live without during summer right?
6. Tailored jackets/ coats/ blazers: They remind me of when in school days, mother would shout from a distance- “Don’t forget your blazer!” Yeah, you know, be it summer or winter you neet that classic tailored jacket of your choice.
These key items can be easily layered over your favourite maxi dress or floral jumpsuit or even your pastel shift dress for the so- called layering we are talking about in this post. Also, layering shirts using bandeaus, and bralettes are not far behind as well. Talking of which, I hope you’ve checked out how I layered my bralette.
I believe, if done creatively, keeping in mind the silhouettes, we can justify the statement- ‘SUMMER LAYERS’. Even the fabric. Yeah, that’s really important. For summer, I prefer wearing lighter fabrics such as cotton and really loose and breathable clothes. This not only keeps a check on the sweat glands doing their job but also good enough to avoid the heat strokes. For this campaign, I chose trends like embroidery, gingham and bright colours- yellow and red. Wearing a dress over another dress is something that I really fancy as it involves a little challenge in bringing out the beauty of both the dresses. Both the dresses worn here are ‘XL’ in size and the second one is worn such that the first one(the one underneath) visible. I love the gingham print but the embroidery is something has my heart. And if you ask me, my wardrobe is incomplete without colours. It’s not that I don’t like greys, blacks and whites but colours have a different place altogether!
Summer is all about outdoor dinners, lots of sand and sea, weekend and night road- trips, late sunsets, sunscreen, detanning and lots of sangria and lime sodas, I hope you’d try the outfit idea shared today and have a great summer.





* * *

I hope you enjoyed reading this one and would like to read more of my posts. I will talk to you soon! Till then, stay stylish!

~Stylishly Yours,


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