Now, when you spot Yassine Saidi, the head of PUMA SELECT, THE MAN behind all those crazy collaborations, taking your pictures, you gotta be on cloud 9! This doesn’t happen always, you see. Then there were people like DJ Neil Armstrong and Peter Fahey himself, the man behind Sneaker Pimps, who complimented me. That day was definitely my lucky day.



Usually, when I am out at an event, I will be with my phone the entire time, taking pictures and curating content. This time was different. I was there to have fun, that’s all. I don’t really have enough pictures of myself or the event. But I guess, whatever pictures I have are enough. I had an amazing time this whole time which is way important than fixing myself a blogpost. It’s also a fact that the blogposts that I put forward define who I am but then there are times you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Am I making sense?

So, the day I received this email from PUMA INDIA TEAM, I was really happy. How do you feel when you know you’re on the right track? As I have mentioned about not getting the right kind of campaigns and getting frustrated because of that in one of the blogposts, this was something I could dig and this was the kind of campaign I have been waiting for. In fact, this was huge for me. Haven’t we learned to embrace the smallest things in life that matter and that makes us take pride in ourselves? By the way, is being proud of oneself bad? Maybe. Maybe not always.







I wore this Boxer Kimono from one of my favorite Spanish brands GRIMEY, which I am also lucky to have worked with. I have paired it with these track pants from the latest En Pointe Collection. The commanding vibe of the boxer kimono mixed with these feminine track pants, experimental game: that’s what I am talking about. Since it was a celebration of ’50 YEARS OF SUEDE’ I decided to wear a beautiful pair of Suedes- the latest Platform Suedes in beautiful Coral Pink. Puma has released this new iteration of the Suede platform in a spring-inspired colorway with soft suede upper, Puma branding and white chunky sole. The entire look and feel of these Suedes are just beautiful. Suedes have always been known for its comfort and although these are platforms, the comfort factor has bene kept intact. That’s one thing about Puma maintaining the silhouette and comfort of the Suedes and yet slaying after 50 years! And oh! I am just a YELLOW BELT as of now!

I met a lot of people for the first time in my life after talking to them on Instagram. Isn’t it always cool to meet REAL PEOPLE? I mean, REAL is any day better, isn’t it? I made a lot of new friends too. And the friendship with the few people I already had grew much stronger. There were legends like Futura 2000 showcasing his mindblowing ‘Pointman’, local artists Prabh Deep, Raja Kumari, Divine who run the real hustle and the amazing people who turned up for the event! The beats of Armstrong were just perfect to fill in for the crazy ambiance and happy moods of everybody. There was also LIVE customization of sneakers by one and only Maggigad from Russia. I have met Maggigad at SoleDXB last year. So, when Maggigad saw me at the event, he came towards me and started talking. That was again a great feeling. WALLAH!


FUTURA 2000 brought POINTMAN to India


If you ask me, I have come to terms with one thing. I AM proud of myself. Because I put a lot of effort in whatever I do. When somebody sees a picture of me in a mere T-shirt and a simple pair of lowers they might not actually see if there goes any hard work at all. But what about the sleepless nights I spent thinking of if I am doing things the right way. The nights that I spent after a hard day’s work to plan things for my blog. The long hours I spend to come up with a 600- words long post. The early mornings that I spent on photo shoots, more precisely the early Saturday mornings after a long and tiring Friday night! Now, if I spoke these words on behalf of you or you think you feel the same way, you gotta be proud of yourself mate.

If you want people to look at you in some way, it has to start with the way you look at yourself. ~ FLY GIRL.

Photo Credits:- Saurav Shete , Gaurav Karki and Street Style Spotlight Magazine

~ Stylishly Yours,








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