| Green and Black Plaid Pants: Rigo, Oxfords: Zara, High Low Sweater: Ni Hao, Bag: Gifted, from Goa, Watch: Casio |

Humming the song ‘Comfortably Dumb’ by one of the greatest Funk Bands of all time- Extreme while writing this. It was the first weekend after my accident, that I went for an outdoor photo shoot with this beautiful couple- Justin & Priyanka Jacob. I remember waking up early in the morning and happily wearing my make- up. The styling for these plaid pants was already planned during my (ETERNAL) bedrest. Actually upon receiving the parcel containing these pants, I knew I had to be a scoolboy for them. The previous night I had shot the series – FRIDA ( you might have seen already ),and, I think it’s one of the best works that I have put forward. I was content in the morning. And I believe that’s what is important when you are out for a shoot- a happy mood and a lot of focus!






We took some great shots( I kind of feel quiet professional saying this ). I haven’t been out for quiet sometime and it was a treat to listen to the chirping birds and see the children play. Nature always seems to bring out the best in me and I hope it worked!

Talking about the days when I played a ‘ Schoolboy ‘ in real, I had a great fetish for trousers. In fact, it was my dad, who would always make me wear a pair of trousers while going out. I was utterly fond of dresses too, but my dad only got me suits and trousers. SIGH! Anyway, that worked best for me as over the years I have developed a good taste of trousers (I think so ). But yeah, during my schoolboy days, I was a quiet studious and hardly talked ( which people complain even now). I had a few friends but yes my dad was the closest one amongst them!


For this post, I have collaborated with one of India’s upcoming brands- RIGO INDIA, which has launched ‘pocket- friendly’ menswear and womenswear. I loved these pair of Green & Black Plaid Pants as it gives that cozy vibe essential for Bangalore’s weather. These trousers remind me of my school days – the free spirited teen days. As this post is inspired by the young- me, there goes the tan backpack and the pair of oxfords. In fact the make- up is kept that of a school girl- simple and fresh.

Apart from wearing it with a white sweater( like I have styled), you can wear it with a black hoodie, a dark colored shirt and maybe a turtle neck sweater.

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 Website : RIGO WEB

             Direct Link of the trousers : GREEN & BLACK PLAID TROUSERS

Instagram Handle : @rigoindia




Instagram Handle : justinjaideep

Special Thanks to : Priyanka Job

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I will be blogging more of collaborations in the first quarter of this year( Have a couple of conceptual ideas lined up for you), and I will also try to post 1 video/ month going forward but I’m not planning on becoming a Vlogger, haha!

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