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” Why I ride? It’s simple, happiness. Happiness means different things to different people and for me riding is happiness. When I ride, I feel a cocktail of emotions, happiness and freedom. When I ride, I feel free and for me, freedom is utmost important. “

Nirmali Nath , A Rider and a Mother. Above all, an inspiration.

Every dream turns into reality one day, if one does all the hard and smart work necessary for it. For Nirmali, it has to be the day, back in 2014, when she bought her own Royal Enfield Classic 350. There has been no looking back since then!

” Every great dream begins with a dreamer. I always had a fascination for bikes and travelling. My inspiration partly comes from my childhood experiences as I am an Army Brat and have always been on my heels travelling. “

As I always ask these inspiring personalities, how do they manage passion and work, I have come to terms that if you follow your dreams and passion, one day or the other, you’ll definitely get that dream job waiting for you. 2014, Nirmali was working in a telecom company  and had a great urge to conquer the mighty Himalayas on her Enfield. She wanted to complete an 8000 Km ride, the longest one of her life from Guwahati to Leh and back to Guwahati. The toughest part wasn’t the terrain but to make her family understand the importance of her dreams and this ride. Ever since then, her family has not only been very supportive, but she also managed to bag herself her dream job- she now works at Brahmaputra Harley Davidson. She covered the states of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu-Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan during the trip.

” It was a 21- days long journey. I got the opportunity to interact with different people and riders where every single person was very supportive and encouraged me for my trip. The happiest moment of my life was when I reached the highest motorable road of the world ‘Khardungla’. To ride through the world’s highest motorable road was like a dream come true. “

Apart from this, she has rode to Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur and has many plans to ride further. Unfortunately, she met with an accident while riding back from Nagaland to Guwahati in October 2016 and had to undergo a surgery. Due to this reason she was on complete bed rest and had to sacrifice her passion for riding.

” But the most important thing is that the prayers of my well wishers have kept me alive. I used to get so many messages on a daily basis regarding my health and recovery. What I earned is respect and lots of friends and well wishers and I am always thankful to them. “

But even today, our society has a different perception about ‘ HOW A WOMAN SHOULD LIVE HER LIFE! ‘ . It’s the society which is still haunted with a lot of old stereotypes: ‘ WOMEN WHO RIDE BIKES ARE IRRATIONAL AND IRRESPONSIBLE. ‘ 

” During my travel I received many negative comments on my Facebook Page against my ride but I just want to tell them that if they cannot encourage women like us they shouldn’t discourage us either.  So, I have decided to undertake a ride with a cause of women empowerment. I have proved what I have committed to myself. “

Everyday she receives a lot of messages from girls and women on how she inspires them and that they are now determined to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.  She has proved that our determination is our biggest strength. It can do real wonders to help us achieve whatever we want. Everything is possible if you are dedicated enough and a strong will power in you. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. Start doing what you want to do or you will never be able to achieve your dream.

” For a girl it is not easy to ride 8000 Kms on a heavy motorcycle all alone and conquer the toughest terrains of Himalayas. Those are tough to handle and girls face many health issues. But still girls are strong enough to overcome all the obstacles. We, ladies, are not born only to work in our family. We are now getting support from everyone. Riding a motor cycle boosts my confidence. Get over your fear, transform your dreams into reality and live life to the fullest. “

* * *

Jikirani Mahanta, Deputy Superintendant of Police, Assam Police.
If we are talking about Inspiring women, I believe one the most important inspiration we draw from a woman is in the form of a mother. For that matter, a common girl can be an inspiration too, don’t you agree? One doesn’t have to be a social media influencer to influence a lot of people. A lady police officer? Yes, let’s have a small talk on the competitive APSC( Assam Public Service Commission) examinations. People say, clearing this exam is tough. They are wrong, it is VERY tough. However it isn’t impossible if you work hard.
” From my experience I can say that to clear an elaborate exam like this, one must have the three ‘P’s: Patience, Perseverance & Practice. As a working lady, at first it was quite difficult for me to manage time but support from my family, specially my father, made things easier. I did’t study for long hours but I did make it a point to study everyday, consistently. “
Jiki started her career as an entrepreneur. While pursuing her Masters in Tezpur University, alongwith her then fiance (now husband) she started a small production house called Little Hands Production where she did documentary and photography related works. And it was still doing good, although she had to part with it in 2016 when she got through the Assam Public Service Commission exams : a dream which she had been nurturing for a very long time. I got into the Assam Police Service to serve as a Deputy Superintendant of Police, for which she is currently undergoing her training.
” Initially I cleared my basic knowledge on the subjects and then went for elaborate studying. I used to practice my writing skills too. One need to learn time management as the papers are quite long. “
One big hurdle came her way when she lost her father at a sudden  notice. It was just before the declaration of the Mains examination results.
” One thing which will always bother me is that the man who was the guiding force in my life, suddenly was not there anymore, not even to see and celebrate my success. “
For all the aspiring candidates, she wants you to believe in yourself and be focused on your goal. You need not follow but better have your own style of studying. Study hard and remember the old saying, if you don’t succeed at first, try try try again. Success will all be yours. To all the hardships and dedication, CHEERS to Jiki.
* * *
We’ve been hearing it a lot : ‘I don’t celebrate valentine’s day ’cause I like to celebrate it everyday. ‘ (I am one amongst them too! )So, why not celebrate women’s day everyday? There are a plenty of women sacrificing and burning themselves to make YOUR dreams come true. The labourers, the vendors, the taxi drivers, the maids, the janitress, the nannies and the list goes on. Let’s have some gratitude towards them. And to all the women, despite of having all sorts of troubles and obstacles in their lives, still fighting to live their dreams, we salute you! Let’s start by celebrating the smallest of your achievements, ’cause no one but you have been in the battle of yours. I planned on posting this on 8th of March, International Women’s Day, but again, let’s celebrate women’s day everyday, what say?
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