Back as a kid, there was this art gallery that we used to go to when kins used to visit us. You know, those tourist guide sessions! I could never really comprehend some of the paintings. And I remember trying hard to decode them during the night! It always amazed me how deep an artist’s mind can dive into. How deep can a human mind think of.  I have always believed that one’s mind can reach the void- where nothing else can ever be present. Isn’t it beautiful how limitless one can be and one can think of. Coming to digital art, I follow a couple of digital artists including Michael Oswald who transforms real women into crazy illusions. Photoshop art aka digital art is truly a new rage.

In this post, I have interviewed two of India’s photoshop artists whose work has always left me dumbstruck. One of them is Ashish Swaroop from Bihar based in Bangalore, India. Although it took him a while to listen to his creative soul and become an artist, his decision of leaving National Geographic, in mid- 2016, where he was interning as an photographer, for visual art has opened up doors for him into the photoshop world. For him the biggest inspiration apart from FRIDA KAHLO( who is also one of my inspirations and hope you have checked out this post on her) are his failures as he is a completely self- taught photoshop artist.

” In India, we still need to understand what ART is. I love painting and creating more than capturing. Photoshop and Photoshop artists are always branded as an adverb for manipulation and Plagiarism. It will take time to penetrate the Indian market. Thanks to social media and digital world for giving us exposure regarding that. “


Ashish believes that his imagination is what distinguishes him from the rest of the photoshop artists. He also points out that, to make a picture stand out, one should always emphasise on post processing and editing.

” You don’t need expensive gear or a photographing degree to be successful with photography. Just use your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY to do unique stuff and try to stand out from the mass. “


His works have been featured on :

  • 2015 National Geographic magazine ( U.S.A )
  • 2016 Condé Nast Traveller
  • 2016 BOSE ( U.S.A )
  • 2017 Incredible India ( Govt. )
  • 2017 Tissot Watch

” I think in ‘Indian Society’ artists still suffer from Identity Crisis and they are underpaid. I think, I am not the only one who suffers from this blockades…there is much more out there. “


He suggests that one should always do the research work before going for a shoot. He continues that the keys to success are deliberate practice and one’s imagination. Before taking any picture, one should always visualise as he believes that imagination can turn anything into reality. He also suggests that one should start working on the image asap, that is, before the imagination fades away.

” I still remember, last year, I was unable to work on photoshop because I didn’t know how to create a layer mask ( one of the most basic thing in photoshop)but today because of “deliberate practice” I can somehow manage to edit at some level to please my soul. “


Artists like Ashish, who are self taught yet have a platter full of surprises for us are big inspirations to work on what we love to and what we have always wanted to. For any queries, assistance and to have a look at his creative art, you can reach out to him on : @rotro.ashish


The other graphic artist is Pulkit Kamal from Bombay, India, whose work has always been CULT for me,  yeah, that’s the word. Pulkit is the brain behind the digital page ART OF POLKA which was launched on 1st January, 2017. It has been featured on many platforms such as Adobe India, Adobe Student (Worldwide), CNN Turkey, Inspiro India( and that’s where I spotted this talent), Cultartes Magazine (Romania), DIY Photography (Worldwide), Albumphotos (Spain) to name a few.

” POLKA started as a hobby which has now turned into a serious passion. Last thing I remember, I was going through a really tough time, both personal and professional space and out of the million tiny and big things in the world, art turned out to be my only way of survival (if not living). Strangely enough, Photoshop has given me this magical power to create the lives which I wish I could have lived. “


According to him, in India, the photoshop- art scene is picking up. Although it is slow but it’s noticeable. He believes that the internet is opening doors for people like him to explore the world. He also mentions that he has come across a lot of talented people who make brilliant art but are too shy to come out and on the contrary there are people who use photoshop to turn skin fairer, remove scars and to make somebody look thin. He says that there’s  this certain lifelessness, a feeling of absolute distrust, a dire need to talk shit about people they don’t love with people who are drained out of love. Most people make it a necessity to act in a certain way that it becomes a routine and when pain hits you again and again at the same place, you just get numb and nobody talks about it and that’s the way how it works. There is no coefficient to this. Although he points out it’s painful but that’s where he seeks his inspiration from.

” There are a lot of artists who have inspired me to make what I am making today, René Magritte, Storm Thorgerson, Andrei Tarkovsky are among some I follow everyday for inspiration. “

He mentions that his major setback was his weird taste in art and the lack of skills in photoshop. Since he did not go to an art school (because making art is not a ‘profession’) or had prior experience, he had a really hard time getting where he is today. He also received a lot of negative criticism on his decision to make art and make an earning from it. He believes that the major blockade for anybody is their own will to do something or just sit and wait for miracles to happen.

” It’s odd to confess but I don’t enjoy making happy artworks or pictures (Portraits with Bokeh background for Facebook profile picture for more than 100 likes). My intent has always been to express the what I am going through or have went through, not sad, but something honest. I try to use an eccentric colour language with lots of natural elements in an endeavour to give my artworks a somewhat surreal feel. I don’t want people to just see and double tap on a picture to scroll onto a completely unrelated image, my hope is to make people feel something, I don’t know what, but something that we all have dropped and lost along our journey. “


This humble artist doesn’t really think he is qualified enough to give suggestions( which I disagree to a great point), but his advice for the new generation is to do what you love and love what you do.

” Don’t rush, be true to yourself and if you’re an artist then don’t keep the work to yourself, show it to the world.”

I second his words and that’s something a person should always believe in- himself and his dreams. No miracle can happen until you work on your dreams. No matter if you take the road less taken but always have the courage to go till the finish line!


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I hope you enjoy digital art too as much as I do. It’s all in the mind of an artist and it’s amazing how he connects to us through his pictures.  A picture is worth a million words and they always make us believe that. hats off to these amazing self- taught artists who are not only living their dreams but also motivates us through their work to work on our dreams! Also, I promise to update this section on a regular basis and let’s get to know more such artists, what say?

~ Love,



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