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I have never seen a bride wearing the colour ‘WHITE’. Not in our hindu tradition. Usually. But when a girl is being forced into a marriage, does the color matter anymore? Many women and various adolescent girls are being forced into marriage. Every year. Across the country. And beyond it.








The practise of child marriage is a world- wide disease. More of an epidemic. Every year, approximately 15 million girls are married before they reach the age of 18. This kind of marriages impact the child bride for life. And its future generations too. Child marriage occurs through out the world, in both high and low income countries. It’s not tied to any region, religion or culture. It abruptly ends the child bride’s childhood. Also, it puts her health and future prospects at stake. They become victims of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, food insecurity, pregnancy complications, negative health outcomes and also at a greater scale it leads them to experience greater degrees of social isolation.



They say, every 2 seconds a girl becomes a child bride.

It’s not only a child marriage which ends a child bride’s life. What about the girl who wants to continue her studies and wants to get a job of her dreams? What about the girl who burns the candle at both the ends just to sacrifice her life for the family she hasn’t ever met? In our country, in most of the states, it’s a RULE to tie the knot once the girl is in her early twenties. Parents having had a successful marriage life, forces the girl, directly or indirectly, to get married as early as possible.

Somehow even if you are lucky enough to have the supporting parents, you can’t dare to attend any social function, for the fear of Sharma aunty’s taunt ” Beta, shaadi kab karoge? “. Even if you are an established fashion designer, who recently had one of the best shows in the runways, they won’t bother to applaud for you. No. But definitely you are a social hiatus.

To all such brides, who sacrifice themselves in the name of marriage, this one’s for you.

For this post, I have collaborated with one of India’s upcoming brands- ARCOIRIS LIFE, here’s the direct link to the top, which has a lot to offer to the urban youth of today. Their designs are inspired by a riot of colours yet very subtle. The intricate hand work on the top is another reason why it should be in your wardrobe!

This beautiful white top can be styled in a varieties of ways:

I have styled it as the ‘White- on- White’ trend with an ethnic skirt and can be sported well with a pair of jutties/ mojris.  Add a few chunks of ethnic jewellery and BANG ON! As ARCOIRIS has rightly quoted: ‘ WHY HIDE THE WOMAN INSIDE?

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ARCOIRIS LIFE | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photography Courtesy & Art Direction | Tanjil Tamuli. Check out his Facebook page  HERE | @tanjil_tamuli .

Concept, Creative Direction, HMU | Yours truly.

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Now, the question arises, are you a feminist? And if so, what kind?

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  1. Interesting read! Love how you talk about the societal pressures around marriage, although child marriages are now decreasing but the expectations from a girl seems to be never ending.
    Anyways, love this piece! Keep going ❤️

    1. Thanks a lot Roop. Yes, thankfully, the child marriage rates are decreasing but it still exists in many parts of South Africa, a few parts of Rural India as well.

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