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* How To: dussehra Dressing *

The sound of the Loud chants for the deity, the hustle of the crowd, the hot and delicious Jalebis, the never ending queues at the pandalls, people donning their new attires…Durga Puja! You’ re being missed! Being brought up in Assam, this is a festival which is very close to my heart. Back there, the Pandalls compete amongst each other and make the deity look more beautiful and powerful. You can’t beat the old crowd in the fashion trends and nice attires, what to talk of the college goers! The food stalls, the stalls for varieties of toys and all blah blah blah, all these is a scene to experience once in a while!




I don’t wear too much of heels and stilettoes. I don’t think I have more than 3-4 pairs in my closet. Believe me, I am a sneakers girl. Whether it be having to head out for work, going for shopping(anyway nowadys I do more of Online Shopping, provided its pros!), Lunch/ Dinner get-together, Rock shows, jam sessions, etc and etc and etc, it’s always sneakers for me that works. I like to stay comfortable and not very picture- ready all the time.

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Inspired: Coachella.


I realize I haven’t posted any Saree Look yet. I also realize that I haven’t had any posts about one of the talked- about Music and Arts Festival of the year- Coachella. So, I decided to combine both of them and come up with a look. All of you, who thought ‘Saree’ is an ethnic wear, give it a second thought guys… You can actually wear it to a Music Festival. You don’t believe me? Check out this post!

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Being Fusion-atural


Well, it’s true when I say that I love experimenting with fusion wear and not wearing a piece of cloth just the way it’s supposed to be worn. And if I wear it the way it is meant to be, I make it a point to add my touch to it, you know! Fusion dressing is being myself and yes it is being natural.(You gotta trust me on that! )

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