I remember going through an article when I was in Guwahati, maybe I was doing my engineering then. It read- “My husband sends me to the prostitute house to earn money for his liquor but beats me up if I get a few minutes late from the specified time. He thinks that I start showing interest on my customer.” It also read- “I have undergone 3 abortions and now I don’t even want to have a baby of my own. Although, I know I won’t have a say if my husband wants a child.” Then there was this article on Facebook which popped up on my timeline a few weeks back. It depicted how ugly the life of a sex- worker is and still how contended they sound! Apparently, the vagina of one of the sex workers has got rotten and you could smell it from a distance. Nobody would go near her. But you could hear her prayer recitals. Upon reading the post, I felt I was there and everything was happening in front of my eyes. The misery, the pain, the anxiety and yet not longing for the outside world. Isn’t it owning one’s sexuality?

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Alright. Where shall I begin? From the DAY 1 of Amazon India Fashion Week? Aah, if I have to document the fashion week, it would be incomplete if I don’t mention the past days or the weeks before! Or maybe last year! So yeah, after I started TVRadio last year, there were 2 AIFWs and 2 LFWs and maybe 2 Bangalore Fashion Weeks as well( Before TVRadio was launched, although I was very much interested in these so-called fashion weeks, I wasn’t really following them religiously). Every time some blogger would post the pictures of ‘WHAT I WORE TO AIFW’, I would so dearly want to go to the fashion week.

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A few kids smile at my lens; a frame in Purani Dilli

It was a Thursday evening. I just got home from work, another rainy day has passed. I checked the places to visit in Delhi, AGAIN. The song “THE ODYSSEY” was playing on my new phone. The thoughts of Delhi being insecure and how one of my cousins had bad experiences in the capital thronged my head. Even when I didn’t want to think about it, the pictures of NIRBHAYA! When I was in school, my cousin always used to tell me his experiences in Delhi and I never really thought I would want to go there. It was never the destination for education or career. But the lanes of Delhi- 6, the poems about Delhi by Zubair Rizvi and Ghalib, the street food, the culture, the historic forts and the infrastructure from the Pre- Independence Era. The beauty of the places as seen in the works of the great photo journo Scott Schuman or Manou. One week, that’s it! Bang! Tickets done.

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Recently, I figured out something new about myself. I realized that unknowingly, I collect sunsets. This might be due to the fact that waking up to a beautiful sunrise and grabbing the morning cup of green tea isn’t practical anymore. I also realized that I always try to reach office as early as possible although my timings are flexible and I can afford to wake up late- unknowingly though, I like to reach home early so as to enjoy the setting sun with my little pooch! But due to heightened traffic conditions these days, I only get to see the warm colors of the setting sun while I am in the cab on my way back home. Why is it that our eyes get glued to the radiating hues of the sunset and we get transported to an enchanted universe?

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Back as a kid, there was this art gallery that we used to go to when kins used to visit us. You know, those tourist guide sessions! I could never really comprehend some of the paintings. And I remember trying hard to decode them during the night! It always amazed me how deep an artist’s mind can dive into. How deep can a human mind think of.  I have always believed that one’s mind can reach the void- where nothing else can ever be present. Isn’t it beautiful how limitless one can be and one can think of. Coming to digital art, I follow a couple of digital artists including Michael Oswald who transforms real women into crazy illusions. Photoshop art aka digital art is truly a new rage.

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With mud between her fingers, the girl hummed away

Tall heights and war wounds

Never imagined a pink bedroom full of barbie dolls

In the scorching sun with messy hair, the girl hummed away

Baby sat bees and lizards

Never attempted to walk in mommy’s high heels

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DUHH! So, Shivani Boruah aka The Velvet Radio is out of topics. How lame! She can’t blabber about anything else and got this inconsequential topic on one of the easiest things of the lot- being a blogger! Well! As easy as it may seem, blogging is a tough job dude. Content, photography and then investing on your wardrobe, that’s a darn tough job! It definitely appears to be one of the easiest lives- “So, what do you do? Wear new and nice clothes and pose for the camera!” Nope. That ain’t all.

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JUNE 2017. I was home for the longest span of time in 4 years. Explored many things. About people, a few places and myself. One thing I realized (about myself) was the vision that I have with respect to my blog. Where does it stand now and where do I want it to stand in the days to come. Whether I am able to live up to the marks or not, I have always believed in having a vision in whatever I do. Many things took place. Some good and a bunch of bad! Actually, the latter outshadowed the former.



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White Crop Top, Denims and Red Booties : ZARA, Satin Navy/ Red Robe : Forever21

While scrolling down some of the pins in pinterest, apart from the creative photography ones which I usually save for inspiration, I came across the satin robes as streetstyle. After last year’s pyjama trend and athleisure storming the charts, this year, it’s all about the night suits and bedroom gowns on the streets. Upon researching about the trend I could come to the conclusion how with every passing year people are accepting comfortable clothing above everything else. Back in the day, wearing our night suits in the daylight would have seemed very impermissible. Same goes for the bedroom robes. Upon scrutinizing the robes thoroughly, I could somehow relate these satin robes to the DJELLABA donned by the ladies of morocco.



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This was the third time I collaborated with this talented photographer, Subham, to work on a monsoon visual. After multiple conversations we came to the conclusion of having an early morning shoot. These days due to frequent rain in Bangalore, early morning shoot wasn’t really possible. To add to our dismay, there exists the in availability of cabs, which is an unavoidable concern during rainy days! Location scouting has become another problem in the city and most of the times we are left with the café ‘s and the streets. Then the idea of the newly constructed football ground near my residence came to mind. But gum boots on the football ground? Well, aren’t we anyway living in a box of lies?

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