Office: YAY or NAY?

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‘Just a small town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world…’ – as I hummed this song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ from one of my favorite bands of all time ‘Journey’, sitting in the auto rickshaw, on the way to office today, one thing that came to my mind is ‘Do I love what I do?’. Has this thought ever popped up in your mind? Being a part of this marathon, this question is one which we had been ignoring since quiet a long time, don’t you think?

At a point when it’s difficult to choose between what we love to do and what we actually do! 🙂

I say, do that what makes you happy and never stop yourself from doing that. While having to do the Goal- Setting in the corporate world, have we done a goal setting for our personal lives? Maintaining a work-life balance is very important in today’s world full of competitions, if you want to be happy and contended in the long run. Let’s see how can we make office YAY and not NAY 😛

So, talking of maintaining work-life balance, when you are on the move everyday with so much to do and things eventually getting monotonous, looking stylish is a big challenge, don’t you think? We are already skipping our meals, or missing our sleep due to work, and then staying stylish too, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
But I believe, staying stylish, doing Retail Therapy, pampering yourselves once a while does amazing and we are pumped up again. I know there are bigger problems and huge challenges and we should not crib about small and silly things like staying stylish. But I would say why don’t you try it out and see if it gives you the feel-good factor?

The three looks that I am going to share with you today are really my favorite and also I was very happy putting them together.
Office is the place where we spend most of our time and making it fun can ease it up.

Look-1 | Shirt-on-Shirt
I love Layers and also I love to experiment how clothes can be tried not exactly how they are meant to be. I am wearing a black shirt over another shirt. To finish up and give it a chic look, I am wearing my favorite pair of BoyFriend Jeans and my golden sneakers. This stylish Laptop bag that I am carrying is from the Brand Postbox which is a relatively new brand but these guys are really talented.








Look-2 | I am a Kurta Girl
This look calls out ethnicity with the blue kurta worn as a dress with black oxfords. Tried to gave it a unique touch by adding the tie- factor to it. Wearing the Bindi as this look is a mix of ethnic and Western.









Look-3 | Cut-Those-Pants
This pair of trousers are in my closet almost since I landed up in Bangalore 4 years ago. I decided to tear off one of the knee’s part so as to redefine the trouser, basically to upcycle my closet, you know. Pairing it up with a white top and a black blazer and my favorite pair of oxford shoes gives it the classy look that’s required.










Make Up, Concept and Styling: Yours truly.
Photography: Arjun Shaw of Term-Arik-Stn, don’t forget to check out his page.

I am wearing:
~Look 1~
Boyfriend Jeans: Lee
Grey Printed Shirt: Shop Nineteen
Black Shirt: Only
Golden Sneakers: Ginger
Watch: G-Shock
Laptop bag: Postbox (Don’t forget to check out their collection)

~Look 2~
Blue Kurta: Westside Stores
Black Oxford Shoes: Westside Stores
Blue Tie: Tommy Hilfiger
Watch: Titan

~Look 3~
White Sleeveless Top: Forever 21
Brown Trousers: United Colors of Benetton and DIY
Black Oxford Shoes: Zara
Black Blazer: Forever 21
Watch: Titan

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite Office Wear amongst these 3 and yeah the ‘Comment’ Section is down below.
Plus you can let me know if you would want me to style any outfit of your choice.
Also, have you added me in instagram and wooplr already? If not you still can : shivani.boruah
And as this song says ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, take your dreams seriously and trust me it’s never too late. Also, as I always say ‘Let Art Begin’!!

~Stylishly Yours,


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  1. Shivani I loved it. Incredible piece of writing. Well, I loved your 3rd look the most. Can try that out on Saturdays. You looked pretty girl. YOU ARE DOING SUPERB JOB. love xoxo

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