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| Fishnet Stockings: Jabong, Heels: Ni Hao, Skirt( worn as dress): Arrow Woman, Earrings: Forever New |

Yo Peeps!

Going by what I call ‘I And A Thing’ in my blog, which is meant for all the beautiful people around me having that  passion in life( not necessarily passion for fashion), TVRadio brings you another Blogger Collaboration and this time it’s even bigger. As it’s the year end and everyone is delighted about the vacations and holidays, I cannot thank you enough for embracing me with so much love and support and for all your appreciation and admiration! Trust me, nothing compares when you say- “I love what you doing and you inspire me”. I cannot express my happiness upon receiving your appreciation e- mails and messages and how you find my “Let ART Begin” so inspiring and exciting! Starting this blog and continuing it means a lot to me and with every new blogpost, I promise to thrive for better.

Coming to this one, I wanted to dematerialize the physical boundaries and get the bloggers across different cities of the nation together! The so- called DIGITAL WORLD which we are so proud to be a part of!

You can check out the previous ‘I And A Thing’ Blogger Collaboration which includes my favourite bloggers from the city( Bangalore) here: ‘Be Your Own GODDESS’

Blogger No 1: The Playful One
Urvi Mehta, Bangalore

Urvi is an Image Consultant and have been working as a Fashion Stylist apart from managing her blog and looking hot! She quotes- “I started Gloss and Grunge as an extension of my personality, to have the power to influence and make the common people understand ‘Fashion’ and also as a method to document my style journey and adventures.”

Staying true to her look for this campaign, she sports a playful forest green PLAYSUIT and adds a statement choker to jazz up the otherwise simple dress. She adds another classy statement by donning those ‘PERSPEX BLOCK HEELS’, yeah, the same ones which you have been eyeing on for a while now on Koovs!

Find her blog here:
Instagram Handle: @glossandgrunge
For collaborations, contact her here:

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Blogger No 2: The Queen of Clubs
Rupjyoti Gogoi, Bangalore 

Would you believe me if I mention that the blogger here is a mother of a 5- year old kid? No, I am not kidding! She is an ex- investment banker and off- late have been a full time mom and a part time blogger! She believes that style is an extension of a person’s individuality and likes to draw attention from everything around her. This lady is a boho- soul, I tell you!

For this look, she has styled herself as one of her( and everyone’s) favourite style icons- ‘AUDREY HEPBURN’ from the historical ‘BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S’. Just a simple hairstyle like hers and adding some really cool accessories like the gloves or the ‘BLUE LIPSTICK’ can do great wonders, we can tell!

Find her blog here:
Instagram Handle: @sher_ried
For collaborations, contact her here:

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Blogger No 3: The Modern- Vintage
Saakshi Mishra, Mumbai

Her party outfit and attitude reminds me of a cute little girl that I came across a few moons back while dining at a restaurant in Ooty, Tamil Nadu and falling for her cute skirt and the way she smiled at me! This blogger out here is a Fashion Stylist by profession, residing in Mumbai, and you can tell that by the way she has chosen to be trendy and style herself in a satin skirt- the most IN thing of the season! Well, yeah, if you don’t have a skirt or a jacket or a shirt in satin, you SHOULD kill yourself! And I mean it!

The glaze of satin fabric and wine colours, tell me who doesn’t have a thing for it? It rightly justifies the Christmas party evenings and the New Year parties, do you agree? She decided to choose a satin bubble skirt and a pleated tube top instead of any blingy stuff. This outfit has wine colours perfect for a party evening and no embellishments to keep it subtle at the same time. This also does not let the glaze of the outfit look loud. She is the fashionista who loves to keep it chic yet edgy, oh yes, that’s her! That’s not all, this fashion graduate also has an online store where she designs and styles her own products, how cool is that!

Find her blog here:
Instagram Handle: @themodemuse
For collaborations, contact her here:
Instagram Handle of her online store: @themodemuseonline

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Blogger No 4: The Bond Girl
Kshipra Uniyal, New Delhi

To start with, this beautiful post graduate in international business mentions- “My blog Popofcitra showcases my take on fashion, trends, making trends, versatile styling, etc.” If you have a look a her blog, you could see how apt does that sound. Versatility is her thing and parallel goes the mixing of trends and genres, be it- retro or athleisure. She enjoys it to the core and her inspiration is driven from celebrities like Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo, Gigi Hadid( well, who doesn’t!), Alia Bhatt, Dipika Padukone, etc.,models, bloggers, streetstyles and even fashion bloggers.

This hot, coffee addict from New Delhi is the one you should look up to if you have a thing for class and yet have that edge for going all chic! Kshipra is a great fashion enthusiast and likes to curate various trends so as to make an ensemble of her own! For this look- ‘The Bond Girl’, she wears an off shoulder ruffle white top with silver pin stripes along with a teal thigh high slit skirt. The golden belt, heels and earrings to add the bling and for that mysterious look – the bold red lips and the trench coat, embracing the sensitive, sultry and feminine side with the dash boldness adding to the mystery.

Find her blog here:
Instagram Handle: @popofcitra
For collaborations, contact her here:

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Blogger No 5: The Fauji Brat
Sharmistha Biswas, Mumbai

The daughter of a Navy Officer, who has been on her toes travelling to various cities and gaining experiences right from her childhood, is one of my personal favourites for her ME-ish kind of styling and yet slaying it with a difference! To justify her look and match it up with her core existence, she goes by the athleisuric- LBD- sneakers look!

A 20- year old media student from Mumbai, Sharmistha, tries to bring in her EDGY- BONG attitude in her blog. Always adding up a quirk element to the simple attires is what makes her a class apart! For this look, she has layered an LBD with a camouflage jacket and added a pair of sneakers. Now, partying in your sneakers, how can someone think if we could slay in ’em? A beauty who likes to stay comfortable as she makes the heads turn, preferring to look stunning in her sneakers and ending the year with a powerful note by donning the camouflage jacket, oh I love it! She also has a section called ‘The Bong Pen’ in her blog, wherein she likes to play the CREATIVE WRITER.

Find her blog here:
Instagram Handle: @thebongass
For collaborations, contact her here:

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Blogger No 6: The Vintage Doll
Shivani Boruah, Bangalore( Yours truly!)

Well, as you know( you might!) that I like to play experimental and not very cliché, I thought of not going by the glittery or velvety trend and instead chose to go with something very common- black and nude. These colors are evergreen and hence playing with them and still taking a stand was what excited me! BTW, I am a software engineer by profession and a musician, vocalist to be precise, at heart!

I am wearing a pair of fishnet stockings and a fishnet jersey. A nude skirt as a tube dress( HOLA!). This DIY headgear to add a little vintage touch to the look and BANG ON! Similar colored heels and jewellery, of course. Do you like what you see? And what do you think of my black lipstick?

Find my blog here:
Instagram Handle: @shivani.boruah
For collaborations, you can contact me here:

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This one’s with the generous and friendly manager of the pub- ‘The Open Box’, which was our shoot location in Bangalore.

Photography Credits for Bangalore’s Shoot: The talented Arjun Shaw of Picsplot. Check out his blog HERE and his instagram handle is: @kratostrevenoski

Concept and Post production: Yours truly.

I would like to thank all my favourite bloggers for coming together and work as a team to give the ultimate surprise of the year to all the fashion enthusiasts! And I hope you are really amused by the versatility of all the bloggers in this post and also that you can count on us for styling in the days to come! May the ‘New Year’ bring in a lot of fun, joy, success and at the same time peace to your life. Also, if you haven’t worked on your dreams yet, do make a resolution to get it done!

Stylishly Yours,

Shivani, TVRadio

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