3. 26. 1987. Probably the date sounds familiar to a few. Probably, it is unfamiliar to many of my readers. But then you tell me one thing, if you like something don’t you like to talk about it? With me, the thing is I am quite vocal. Not with everybody, of course. But with a very few, absolutely yes. And this blog, it’s something I am comfortable expressing myself in. The most, actually. Maybe ‘cause it just listens to me without any interruptions. Sometimes you figure out that all you need are a pair of ears. Maybe ‘cause nobody has time on earth to listen to you anymore. Maybe ‘cause everybody is so busy on their respective trains of life. Anyway, let’s get to business. I am going to talk about Sneakers for my love of it. And today is 3. 26. 2018.



On this very day of the year 1987, Tinker Hatfield designed the very first pair of nike Air Max’s. And in the following paragraphs, I am going to talk about the Air Max 270‘s: one of the hottest pair of kicks in the market RIGHT NOW.


The name of the Air Max 270 derives directly from the 270-degree airbag, which is 32 millimeters tall, in fact, the tallest airbag a Swoosh’s ever got. This latest pair of Swoosh has been designed by Dylan Raasch, the Senior Creative Director of Air Max. These Air Max’s have been created not only so as to be aesthetically pleasing but also by keeping all- day- comfort factor in mind. The Air Soles have been inspired from that of the Air Max 180’s as there are no interruptions from the air soles to outsoles. The tallest airbag with visible air is inspired by that of the Air Max 93. But again, it’s a new Air Max altogether.







I saw them for the first time on ex- Complex lady, Emily Oberg’s feet in one of the Full Size Run Interviews.  It was early February and she was wearing a pair of Air Max 270 Black and Hot Punch and I just loved the colorway. In the video, I couldn’t get hold of the shoes much and had to google them later. Wow! I mean, look at the airbag. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s bold, I think. The upper colorway is single and hence it’s minimal yet the airbag is bright that breaks the ice by making it ultra stylish. Now that there are so many different colorways available it makes it hard for the people to choose from at a fair price of $150( but in India, they are available for INR 13995 only). The box comes with the names of all the Air Max’s printed on it which again is fascinating.


I copped The “Ultra Marine” AM180 inspired colorway, which is my favorite one of all the colorways. The Air max’s were designed by the genius architect Tinker Hatfield as a pair of running shoes but Nike is coming up silhouettes that are more lifestyle- oriented. The 270’s having the tallest airbag makes it really comfortable with a big air cushion comfort. Also, I am UK 6 and I’ve got these ones as true to size. Now you’ve got that one pair of shoe which doesn’t need changing along with your various role plays. Whether you are at your office or at the gym or out at the mall, you can just feel comfortable in these shoes the whole day. It’s a simple pair of shoe which are also easy to clean. So, you have got a crazy and bold airbag with a simple upper colorway yet making everybody stare at them as they are THE HOTTEST LOOKING KICKS IN THE MARKET.







By the way, if Aunty- G can dig these shoes, I mean, look at the way she is flexing them, we can too! I welcome your feedback as it’s the first Sneaker Talk and talk to you in this space SOON. Happy Air Max Day everybody 🙂

~ Stylishly Yours,


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