While growing up I always dreamt of leading a lavish life with spacious bedrooms and luxe bathrooms. Recently, 27th of April, 2017, to be precise, when I was invited to the launch of KEHA CASA, a sprawling 8000 sq. ft. experience centre at Bengaluru’s prominent Kensington Road in Ulsoor, the same childhood memories and thoughts engulfed my head. The founders- Kekin Shah and Abdul Hameed Khan have set up an exclusively luxury area and I couldn’t help but gaze into it with an open mouth!



Keha Casa is a celebration of world design – showcasing the finest bath and surfaces brands, through an Indian prism. ‘Keha’ is the amalgamation of philosophies by Kekin Shah and Hameed Khan, the visionaries who brought SICIS, the art mosaic brand from Italy, to New Delhi in 2010.  Keha Casa’s philosophy is to create opportunities for international designers to customise bespoke lines that are inspired by India, and are crafted for India.

Ornate handles, set in gold, a monolithic glass staircase designed by Carlo Santambrogio, Milan, emotive lights by Davide Groppi and a double height mirrored ceiling by SICIS, are some of the key attractions which narrate a story in a simplistic, modern language.

Out of the three floors of this space, I loved the ground floor most which displayed the avant-garde INTROVERSO basin. Designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi it has sonorous qualities and a form that can be constantly transformed by slowly breaking the outer structure.

The Founders:

Kekin Shah, co-founder, Keha Casa is no new entrant to the business of bath ware and has been successfully running C Bhogilal Westend, a legacy of over 100 years, an institution of sorts. Kekin’s ability to marry commerce with creativity was borne out of his deep understanding of the category, expertise of the product and enriching relationships with many luxe bath brands.

Having done a formal education in design apart from the fact that he has closely worked with influential tradespeople and prestigious projects across the country, Abdul Hameed Khan, co-founder of Keha Casa, brought the brand SICIS to India in partnership with Kekin Shah in 2010. Their common ideology towards design coupled with expertise in business has ensured a seamless transition from the perception of being bath ware distributors to a luxury design brand.

The Brands at Keha Casa:


The first step was taken in 1987, when SICIS decided to turn its full attention to mosaic, setting the goal of moving this product from the annals of history into the modern age. The second step was — and still is — to see mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and an expression of trends, fashions, lifestyles.


Antonio Lupi is an Italian company, based on Tuscany, dedicated to improving the quality of homes reinventing the bathroom spaces through a new bathing experience.

Giovanni Barbieri

Giovanni Barbieri has discovered, invented, designed and established the production of carved stones since January of 2008. He has worked with premium quality stone quarried in India and has offered unbeatable pricing for his luxurious designs.

 THG Paris

Since 1956, THG Paris has established itself as THE brand for high end bathroom fittings and accessories. Semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass, natural marble: the brand scrupulously selects top quality materials to create exceptional pieces.

Devon & Devon

The Devon&Devon brand made its debut in 1989 in Florence as the offshoot of a business initiative of architects Gianni and Paola Tanini who, as CEO and Art Director, have been at the helm of the company since the outset, sharing the same managerial and creative vision: create a complete, coordinated bathroom inspired by European tradition and the most refined American design of the first half of the 20th century.

 Lithos Design

Lithos Design, Italian producer of coverings, wall partitions and natural stone flooring, was established in 2007 and is already well known across the globe for its design, innovation and quality standards.


Mutina is a brand new way of looking at ceramics. These are no longer tiles, but objects of interior design.


KEHA CASA INDIA | 21, Kensington Road, Ulsoor, Bengaluru 560008 Karnataka

Phone: +91 80 48510066

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This indeed was a great pleasure to attend the launch of such a beautiful and luxe space. I hope you liked today’s entry. Good day and keep the day dreaming on!

~ Stylishly Yours,





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