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The sound of the Loud chants for the deity, the hustle of the crowd, the hot and delicious Jalebis, the never ending queues at the pandalls, people donning their new attires…Durga Puja! You’ re being missed! Being brought up in Assam, this is a festival which is very close to my heart. Back there, the Pandalls compete amongst each other and make the deity look more beautiful and powerful. You can’t beat the old crowd in the fashion trends and nice attires, what to talk of the college goers! The food stalls, the stalls for varieties of toys and all blah blah blah, all these is a scene to experience once in a while!

Dussehra, aka, Dasara, Dashera or Dussera, Shardiya Navratri is one of the famous and biggest festivals of India. This festival is a triumph of good over evil, on this day lord Rama, killed the 10-headed demon Ravana and Goddess Durga killed buffalo demon Mahishashura. Basically this is a festival to celebrate good over evil, happiness and joy, which people of India celebrate with great enthusiasm.

Although, it is a festival which spans across 10 days, I as a youngster along with my folks used to go out on the 8th and 9th day.Ofcourse, from Pandall to Pandall.
Mother always used to take us early in the morning, to a nearby Pandall on the 10th day, so as to offer our prayers on the day of ‘Durga Visarjan’. I really miss those days. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the festive season, I have tried to curate a few looks for you for the 3 days- Ashtami, Navami and Dashami.

Look 3 ~ Power Dressing for Dashami

I am putting the Look 3 in the beginning as it was a surprise (in instagram)!

VijayaDashami is the day of Durga Visarjan and people mostly spend their day in prayers. Wearing a Saree with a shirt and a little quirkiness can be fun! I am wearing the Saree in a Bengali style Dhoti(the way the Bengali guys rock it 😉 ) and taking the pallu somewhat similar to the Benagli girls ;). Wearing an assamese choker as an Armlet, I think that’s what it is called. Big Red Bindis and Assamese-themed earrings, ’cause I am done wearing Jhumkas 😀 . Do you like it?

asa_7502  asa_7504  asa_7549  asa_7528  asa_7551  asa_7565

asa_7517  asa_7539

* * *

Look 1 ~ Power Dressing for Ashtami

I have kept the look full of prints, tie- dyes, khakis and boho vibes for the day of Ashtami. People generally want to go around and hop from one Pandall to another. Wearing an attire by layering it with 2 kurtas, well, why kurtas? Comfort is a must for me, aye! Layering it again with a shrug, knotted by a beautiful brooch and then throwing a camouflage jacket to the look. What say girls? Bring your quirky side to play-yay-yay 🙂 !!











* * *

Look 2 ~ Power Dressing for Navami

For this day, I have chosen to wear this beautiful Rajasthani skirt(gifted) over an embroidered blue Kurta which, again, I am wearing as a top. Mirror Earring and the Jhola for the Ethnic touch. Denim Jackets for the quirkiness and Ruffled socks and a pair of oxfords, Man! This look is one of my favourites till date!









Hope you liked all the looks and most importantly, it will be useful to you this Puja Season. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section down below. As we are putting a lot of effort in creating the looks and bringing it to you, your words would really lift us up.

Make Up, Concept and Styling: Shivani Boruah. My instagram handle is: @shivani.boruah

Photography: Arjun Shaw of Picsplot. A must check- out page guys! His instagram handle is: @kratostrevenoski.

Not making it long, let me know if you would want me to create a style and do tag me in your experimental attires in Instagram. My handle is: @shivani.boruah


~Stylishly Yours,


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