The liveliness and the culture of a place, be it a city, town or a village is best described on the streets. Street photography is appealing to me as it’s all about documenting subjects in candid situations. It involves focusing on people and their behavior in public and hence capturing their unadulterated emotions and expressions.



Although timing and framing are key aspects of Street Photography, I being a beginner am not very swift with my camera. But I always start a conversation with my subject while taking their shots. While I ask various questions and at times try cracking jokes, it helps me capture some good candids. But mostly, I just start shooting without interrupting their actions hence being able to capture them in their original situations and behaviors.

Street Photography’s traditional approach is to capture images in black and white. But I kind of like the colorful streets of Bangalore. For a country like India having an amalgamation of traditions and cultures, I believe, the streets are where you get the real vibe of ‘Unity in Diversity’. In general, I like to talk to strange faces on the streets while shooting them and love to know them. At times some of the subjects are very confident in front of the lens and sometimes they are to shy to look at the camera. There is so much chaos on the streets, yet there is the beauty. There is art and a lot of inspiration.


I have not studied photography and I have started to use the camera( confidently) only a few weeks back although I am still in the learning phase. But I believe, my trip to Delhi and documenting the streets of Delhi has inspired me to take up my camera to capture stories on the streets. I really like capturing the rawness and emotions in a frame. I like to capture stories in the pictures and this is my tryst in capturing candid moments- the moments full of life. Some of my favorite street photographers are: Olivier Thao from Paris, NY based Porter Yates and Laura Moreno. But if I really look upto, then it has to be Steve McCury and Bill Cunningham. Although I have always been a fan of Steve, I was recently introduced to the legendary Bill by a close friend of mine. The passion and the love for one’s work, there is no alternative to Bill. This section on the blog is a tribute to Bill, the true god and father of Street Photography.

~ Love,



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  1. Capturing the true essence of a place in one single photograph is a very hard thing to do and you are doing a fabulous job already.

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