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Recently, I figured out something new about myself. I realized that unknowingly, I collect sunsets. This might be due to the fact that waking up to a beautiful sunrise and grabbing the morning cup of green tea isn’t practical anymore. I also realized that I always try to reach office as early as possible although my timings are flexible and I can afford to wake up late- unknowingly though, I like to reach home early so as to enjoy the setting sun with my little pooch! But due to heightened traffic conditions these days, I only get to see the warm colors of the setting sun while I am in the cab on my way back home. Why is it that our eyes get glued to the radiating hues of the sunset and we get transported to an enchanted universe?

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This was the third time I collaborated with this talented photographer, Subham, to work on a monsoon visual. After multiple conversations we came to the conclusion of having an early morning shoot. These days due to frequent rain in Bangalore, early morning shoot wasn’t really possible. To add to our dismay, there exists the in availability of cabs, which is an unavoidable concern during rainy days! Location scouting has become another problem in the city and most of the times we are left with the café ‘s and the streets. Then the idea of the newly constructed football ground near my residence came to mind. But gum boots on the football ground? Well, aren’t we anyway living in a box of lies?

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Time and again, whenever I and a few girlfriends of mine discuss about the issues on gender equality, have we not discussed about our personal incidents. The stereotypical society that we grew up in has always curtailed upon us from developing many skill sets. Many goals which we could have achieved. Many dreams which still lie buried deep inside our hearts.

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Phantom Bride, Child Marriage,
| Top: Arcoiris Life, Skirt: Myntra |

I have never seen a bride wearing the colour ‘WHITE’. Not in our hindu tradition. Usually. But when a girl is being forced into a marriage, does the color matter anymore? Many women and various adolescent girls are being forced into marriage. Every year. Across the country. And beyond it.

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| Flared Jeans : eShakti, Sheer Poncho Top : Smart shopped from Goa,Black Boots: F21 |

” Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? “- FRIDA KAHLO de RIVERA.  After practising the make up and the hair style a zillion times so as not to overdo it and atleast look 10% as artistic as her ; after watching almost all the documentaries based on her and the 2002 movie a couple of times ; after a lot of research and reading, I give you


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