Are you aware?

Of the sorrows that I’ve been hiding.

The pain and the tears.

You held my hand and swore by the moon.

You sang me a lullaby and make me dream.

That was you. Was that you?

But now, you won’t have my smile!


* A small photo story depicting the domestic violence on women by using Maybelline’s trending ‘EYESPEAKDRAMA Gel Liners! Apparently, the #EyeSpeakDrama campaign is about a new set of gel liners by maybelline but upon hearing the words, this is what comes to my mind! Eyes do speak a lot of drama, don’t you agree? It so happens that, at times, a girl is a mere possession, no more than a shirt or a handkerchief used by a man. But we have heard of incidents where a woman too is behind the violence on another woman. If you know of any such incident in your vicinity, speak up and help them! They might still be under the spell of so- called LOVE or GRATITUDE or FEAR or anything for that matter. They might be hiding their tears and covering their bruises under smiles, laughter and loads of make- up. Also, if you have a story to share, go anonymous and let me know! Let’s see how far can we take it forward! *

Photography Courtesy | Arjun Shaw. Check out his blog HERE | @kratostrevenoski

Let’s speak up for our happiness. For, it is our right!

** In memory of Sweta **

P.S. I am not a make- up blogger and make- up art is completely a new thing to me. This is just a message.

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  1. Good work and amazing concept.
    Taking a stand is what matters.
    I hope that ppl can come out of the pain that they are going through and be happy always.

  2. Nicely written and flawless concept.
    Keep up the good work Shiva .
    Best wishes to you !

  3. Speak up, help those in need! Don’t judge! Be kind!
    Let’s all pledge – SAY NO TO VIOLENCE!

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