This is Shivani and thanks for visiting TVRadio. I am basically from the state of valleys and greens –Assam, India. I am a Software Engineer by profession and was the vocalist of a Bangalore- based Heavy Metal band.

I draw my major inspiration from the STREETS as I feel STREETS is where you see the amalgamation of a multitude of cultures, art and originality. I like to do a lot of STREET inspired DIY. TVRadio is a personal blog on STREETSTYLE and MUSIC  (Music Section will be updated soon as I am working on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL).  I also want to highlight a few grey areas of our society through EDITORIAL concepts. I also shoot random people ON THE STREETS.

There is also a section on people who inspire me -> ‘IAndAThing‘. Don’t forget to check out the TRAVEL posts as well.

I live by- ‘LET ART BEGIN’.

Stylishly Yours,



Streetstyle, Travel & Music ~ by Shivani Boruah

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