Nightsuit as jumpsuit, nightsuit as playsuit
| Nightsuit- Nordlich, Belt- Choker, Heels- Ni Hao |

Have you ever had those mornings when you are lying on the bed in your nightsuit or pyjamas and you keep planning about the OOTD, for like 10 minutes? The outfit looks great in your head while you plan it, but upon putting it together, it doesn’t seem too appealing. But what happens when you are already running late? The next time it happens to you, I have got a fool proof plan that would steal the deal.

Nowadays, it’s so obvious to open a magazine and find a PYJAMA or NIGHTSUIT inspired look. The nightsuit inspired trend is all over the streets and runways. People even match their bottom wear with similar printed trench coats or shirts to have that ‘NIGHTSUIT’ inspired look. And although it sounds a little formidable, I swear, you can totally carry these out in your day- to- day life, starting from going on a date to going for work!

Look 1: The Brunch Date


Talking of date, reminds me of the amount of time I spend in front of the mirror getting ready and trying out almost all the clothes in my wardrobe! I can’t stress how important it is to have a pair of jumpsuits. They are definitely a closet staple. For the date- look, I am wearing my nightsuit properly tucket and folded, obviously for the jumpsuit- feel. I have accessorized my so called nightsuit- turned- jumpsuit with a belt which goes well with the tone of my heels. I have also curated a few looks with a single skirt which you might find useful for a date.

Look 2: At The Airport 

While travelling, I always prefer to wear airy clothes. Last week, when I had to go to the airport to pick up my kindergarden friend Rita, who has visited me after more than 10 years, I wore my nightsuit with a leather jacket and a pair of platform heels. I also wore the same combination to one of the recent flash sale events hosted by Spoyl, here in bangalore. On a second thought, why not the below look for the airport or even travelling? The silhouette of the top wear of this nightsuit is more like an airy shirt and can be worn over a top( like I did below) .





Nightsuit for airport
| Nightsuit- Nordlich, Cap- Forever21, Brougues- SSS, Top- Vero Moda, Socks- Happy Socks |


Look 3. Night with the girls


If you are following my posts, you might as well know how irritated I am with Facebook . You might even know that I am avoiding it for the sake of the frequent ‘XYZ got married’ notifications. But you definitely can’t avoid your BAE’s bachelorette party. Not only that, the look below is casual enough for a night with your girlfriends, even cool enough for grabbing a coffee with them. The layering game is on point, and layering your camouflage dress with the top wear of the nightsuit, OH BOY! You might even like a few such looks I curated for a bachelorette party.






Nightsuit with a dress, girl's night, bachelorette
| Nightsuit- Nordlich, Camouflage Dress- Ni Hao, Sling Bag- Lifestyle Stores, Flats- Westside Stores |


Look 4. Globetrotter

I was not particularly sure on what to name this look, but going by the combination of a shirt and a pair of jeans, I think globetrotter would be apt! Shirts and jeans are some of the classic, timeless and closet staples. Although, on an average I wear pyjamas or cotton trousers more than the blue- jean, we all know that we can’t think of a life without our pair of jeans! And the same goes for a shirt, in this case a printed one! Wearing your shirt like that of a one- shoulder( also in this one) gives that extra WINKY vibe, you know!


Nightsuit as everyday wear- shirt, jeans
| Nightsuit- Nordlich, Choker- Forever21, Jeans- Zara, Heels- Jabong, Bag- Caprese |



Look 5. 9-5

Seems like, over and over again, I come up with 9-5 looks for the obvious reasons of me being a 9- 5 person. The top wear of this nightsuit ‘s silhouette, as mentioned earlier, being similar to that of a shirt or a blazer can be paired well with a knee- length formal skirt or a pair of formal trousers. For more office- wear looks click HERE and also consider wearing your pyjamas to work.


Nightsuit as workwear
| Nightsuit- Nrdlich, Formal Skirt- Mango, Heels- Allen Solly, Tie- Borrowed, Spectacles- Lenskart, Planner- Cafe Coffee Day |



Instagram Handle of NÖRDLICH: @nordlichofficial

Photography Courtesy: The very talented Arjun Shaw of Picsplot. Check out his blog HERE and his instagram handle is: @kratostrevenoski .

Make Up, Styling, Concept & Post production: Yours truly.

Follow me on instagram for my day- to- day updates : @shivani.boruah .

* * *

I am sure you can come up with more permutations of your nightsuit and I would love to see them!

~ Stylishly Yours,




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