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View from the hotel room in Dubai

Dear Diary,

It’s been very long since we spoke. How have you been? I have been struggling with so many things of late but let’s first start with the trip to Dubai last year, well, my first international trip ever.

Being the very first international trip, it was special in its own way. I realize how important it is to always plan things ahead of a trip. But then there are also unexpected things which might force you to change your month’s long plans too!

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When in Thailand

Damnoen Saduak (OLDEST) Floating Market

Well, it is a too- cliché tourist destination and I know I always make it a point to NOT BE CLICHÉ. To be honest, I feel like laughing my guts out while I write this sentence. Also, most of the people would totally dismiss it as the ideal tourist destination during winters, I mean, you would want to backpack to some place cold and hold the snow in your hands and make a snowman maybe! In fact, my trip was planned just a few days- probably 20- 25 days ahead of it. I backpacked to Thailand with two pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of clothes (for a span of 10 days) and covered the cities- Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya. But I am glad I went ahead with the trip despite being rather fickle- minded about a NOT- TOO- WELL- PLANNED international trip. Although the pictures that I have taken through my phone are nothing compared to the beauty that I have encountered, I hope you would find this post useful for your travel to Thailand.

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As I sit down to write a few lines for this project, I realize how blank my mind is. I have been missing the sunset for two days continuously, something that I always look up to in a day. Something which always lifts up my spoilt mood. Also, it’s been ages that I blogged anything. But upon seeing the pictures, it also reminds me of what a pleasant trip it was. If I have to describe my first impressions about Bangkok, I have to start with the colorful taxies. Then those streetfood joints at every nook and corner. The magnificent golden gompas and the clean wide streets!

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It was still fresh in my mind. The RADIO THAT CHANGED LIVES. And also, the documentaries on Street Culture that I have watched with my Bangalore folks. It is not from where you start, it is about how you keep at it, your passion you know! How you try to establish your identity. Now that this is one of the major issues I see prevailing in our society. Identity Crisis. A world that is moving so fast, a platform is definitely required such that like minded people can come together and exchange their views and ideas. The documentary sessions that we have in Bangalore is one such platform. Think how exciting Sole DXB was, with thousands of people with similar interests and zeal.  The liberating feeling of meeting the icons I have only seen inside my laptop or the television, for example, the duo of hiphop radio who changed the lives and launched the careers of many unsigned artists, only to become hiphop legends in the days to come!

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How She Wore It vs How He Wore It

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Isn’t it too cliché for me? The topic, I mean! As much as I try to avoid doing cliché stuff and stress on my small brain too much to come up with a unique concept, I believe, in the end, we humans have similar tastes- more or less. So, ‘how she wore it and how he wore it’ has been on my mind for a long long time and I can’t seem to recollect when I initially thought of it and also gave up because the whole idea got a little too common. I have seen many bloggers come up with this topic and liked a couple of them too. But for a person like me who always stick to unisex T-shirts and Shirts and Hoodies from the men’s wardrobe, yeah, it’s something I had to do anyway!

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Now, a lot of people try to play the trend game but if you’re playing by its rules, it is really tough to keep at it. It isn’t a bad thing at all unless you are consistent with your style(and work) and are ready to spend half(or maybe more) of your salary on buying new ins of the market. But if you stick to the norms of your signature style and experiment around it, I believe you won’t be at loss. If you know what looks best on you then it’s easy to avoid spending your precious greens on. Although, style is dynamic and sticking to one’s signature style is difficult but one can always come up with a signature style of his own with the change in weather, season or age! Today, I thought of sharing what my signature style looks like ’cause you can tell I am one of those stupid narcissists you have always hated!



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When I opened the door of my balcony the other day, it was a cool breeze that greeted me. A breeze I have been missing. It spoke a thousand words reminding me of my childhood days, back home in
Arunachal Pradesh where the breeze would pierce the soft cheeks at times. A hurtful pleasure you’d want. The weather is getting transitioned. Winter is here, finally. Then there was this day when the sky was full of clouds. There were very dark. And gloomy. As if nature was upset. Upset of the unwary things. But yeah, the dark clouds apparently welcomed winter. And with it comes the extra worry of taking care of our mane – with problems like dandruff, dry hair and frizziness kicking in, Pantene comes as a savior in the form of the New Oil Replacement.

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It isn’t long that I wrote the article ‘In the shoes of a blogger’. You can see and tell how gruesome the life of a blogger is. Surrounded by negative energy of haters and competitive counterparts, the life of a blogger is pretty mechanical which starts and ends with ‘HOW A BRAND WANTS YOU TO WORK’. I also mentioned how it’s all about the MUTUALISM and that originality and genuineness is going for a toss, well, mostly. Almost everybody is in the tryst of making it big without actually working hard for it.



THE VELVET RADIO, SHIVANI BORUAH, Blogger, blog, Northeast, assam, India, bangalore, Travel, Delhi, Dilli, TravelBlogger, travelblog, backpacking, AIFW, Fashion Week, Amazon, Feminism, Poet, Author
A smiling picture, for a change

This post is basically the PART II of the previous blog on AIFW and as I already mentioned, yes, I too planned my fits for AIFW. Going by what a premiere event it is, I really wanted to make my travel worth, I have been wanting and waiting to attend this event for quite sometime. All my fits were rather simple and no, I wasn’t being shot for the street style spotted of the various magazines at the AIFW. Well, didn’t I tell you that one has to dress up in a lot weird way to get shot? If not, then he has to be creative in a good way. But all I wanted was to look cool without losing my style and identity. That’s why I went for plain looks with just a couple of DIYs.

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